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Who is Inside Out for?

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Inside Out is a safe and trusted space for deep connection, peer support, personal growth, and potentially lifelong friendships.

If "deep meaningful conversations" light up your eyes, then Inside Out is the right community for you.


We often call ourselves "misfits", as we find it hard to feel fulfilled through superficial small talk, and have this "itch" for discussing topics most people don't feel comfortable talking about, to name a few, the meaning of life, trauma, near-death experiences, spirituality, psychedelics, and moral principles.


The community meets online weekly to discuss personal and/or intellectual topics. We also organise monthly in-person socials that are open to the public.


We are always open to meeting new members. If you would like to come along to our weekly/monthly sessions, simply express your interest by filling in the application form, and we will get back to you.

Looking forward to connecting!

- Eugenia Yuan, Co-founder of Inside Out and Inspiring Chats


Our Values

- Respect
We listen with an open mind, including different points of view. This allows others to be vulnerable and so to share their experiences with us.

- No Judgement
We do not give advice (unless asked for). We meet to vulnerably share our experiences with other members with the hope that something of what we share might be useful to them.

- Vulnerability & Trust
Vulnerability begets vulnerability and creates mutual trust. This sets the stage for the most meaningful experience sharing. Everything discussed during the Inside Out sessions must remain confidential.


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Meetup Sessions

The Inside Out group meets fortnightly on Sundays alternating between in-person (Melbourne City) and online. In-person sessions are followed by optional social activities afterwards (e.g. dinner, escape room, board games).

Session Structure (in-person):
- 3 min Meditation to kickstart
- 10 min Check-in question
- 60 min Highlight Wheel: Sharing one individual learning/challenge/insight in the past two weeks
- 3 min Meditation to finish

Session Structure (online):
- 3 min Meditation to kickstart
- 10 min Check-in question
- 60 min Deep discussion on one specific topic (set in the previous week/fortnight)
- 3 min Meditation to finish 


Your first session is FREE. If you decide to continue after the first session, it's pay as you feel from $5 per month (more membership info here). All Inside Out financial reports will be shared with members on a monthly basis.

Common Discussion Topics

A diverse range of topics are discussed during our virtual and in-person meetups.

Common topics include:

Connecting with Ourselves

We share our personal development journey - what we have experienced, learned, and felt as we grow.

Connecting with Others

Navigating families, friendships, and intimate relationships isn't always easy - We listen to each other and share advice when invited to do so.

Connecting with the Universe

Life and death questions; Psychedelics; Spirituality; Astrology; Religion; Consciousness - We are all on a journey to finding love and peace.

Group Socials & Retreats

Our Members Say...

"To me 'Inside Out' is a place I can connect with others who prefer to explore important and interesting topics in depth, that aren't usually discussed in daily life.  As someone who often thinks about outside-the-box topics, it has helped me to feel a sense of kinship with like-minds. The consistency, openness and varied adventures have created a sense of community, friendship, and love. As opposed to other similar groups, I feel I can develop longer-term connections. This has also given me the opportunity to practice conscious relating, in line with my goals. For example, I can reflect on and try to embody honesty, setting boundaries, and speaking from the heart."

- Naomi N

“I find it difficult sometimes to connect with people deeper - with some friends or colleagues with mostly small talk or when we only share what's seen as normal conversations.


Inside Out is a group that creates a safe space to have deeper meaningful organic conversations and build genuine connections. Connections that you might otherwise have the time to build or conversations you may not have the room to talk with your current circle.


The group I was part of had an amazing bunch of diverse people who were extremely friendly, open, genuine, and non-judgmental. Which made it easy to share in deeper conversations, gain insights and form genuine connections from the inside out.


To anyone considering being part of a group. I’d say if you want to develop deeper meaning connections or you feel like a maverick at times. Just do it. This group is for you!” 


- Elijah S

"I feel incredibly honoured to be a part of this extraordinary experience.


The depth of connections and conversations we've had within the Inside Out group has been truly transformative. It's refreshing to find a community where we can authentically discuss such a variety of interesting and controversial topics.


I resonate deeply with the "misfit" label and the preference for deep conversations over small talk. I firmly believe that what we have is special, and it's the quality of our interactions that truly matters.


I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue this journey with all the incredible "misfits" that I already know and value and with those who are yet to join us.


Together, we are making a difference."

- Barbara Z

"I'm someone who enjoys deep and meaningful conversations, more than that I like seeing the world through other perspectives. My outlet was always great conversations with strangers that I never see again. After joining Inside Out discussions, I found a community where I could get my hit of intellectual stimulation, but also build deep connections with open-minded people in an environment where it's safe for me to bring my full self."

- Fouad E

"I have friends, and then I have Inside Out friends. My friends are patient with "my way of thinking" - while my Inside Out friends encourage even more of my way of thinking. I am able to share my beliefs and experiences with an open, supportive and non-judgemental group of friends that I really care about. In exchange, I get to experience the love that comes with a group of friends who bring their authentic selves. 


Life is full of special moments that spark joy, and those moments are so much more rewarding when shared among real friends. Through honest and deep conversation; I learn more about others, and learn more about myself. The true benefit - the more I learn, the more I am able to experience love."

- Charlie G

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Get in Touch

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